J. B. Drori

J. B. Drori

Deceased (2013)

We miss you, Jack.

I came to writing late in my life.  During a long medical career I established a neurology practice in Walnut Creek and Concord, California, and was also involved in hospital teaching.  Over the years I published nine scientific articles in major medical journals.

Although I heard the muffled tapping of my muse when I was fifteen, it wasn’t until I retired from my career that I turned my full attention to serious writing.

Inspired by my life’s experiences, I began my first novel, ANCIENT STONES, about five years ago.  The story is about a man who is driven to discover his origins and to find his place in this world.  By the end of the book the reader would learn that despite a dysfunctional family, the absence of a model, and insecure ties to his past, the protagonist ultimately understand who is and where he belongs.

Following two and half instructive years of working with a free lance editor, I joined the Mount Diablo Branch of the California writers Club.  I soon discovered that I learned more of the art and craft of writing from interacting with fellow writers in critique groups than I learned in any other forum.  None more than at the Phoenix Hall Writers group.  My fellow “Phoenicians” probably don’t know that I think their critiquing is an instrument of continuing inspiration rather than one of depletion.

As my fascination with the wonders and intricacies of the human brain grew I became intrigued by the similarities in the architecture and functions of cetacean brains.  After several years of research on that subject, I took three months off from my busy schedule and published a science fantasy, MISTER BLUEFIN, about the adventures of a marine biologist and a blue whale (available on Amazon. Com).

8 Responses to “J.B. Drori”

  1. Tom McHale Says:

    Jack, all of us @ the gym love and admire you ,,,well some of us,,couple of us,,well I know this one guy,,,just kidding,,all us. Keep writing, questioning and working out,,Tom et al

    1. stanley l renke Says:

      b4overfc=b4/fc = 1. food-water-air 2. shelter-clothes-cave-fire 3. commutation-share experiences – knowledge 4. reproduction/fc fc=freedom of choice

      1. stanley l renke Says:

        read all now what ?

  2. Henry William Says:

    For him who took me to the ancient stones, Ecclesiastes, The Book of Job and the eternal wisdoms found there, I say, thank you. But your work is not done yet.

  3. Wendell Says:

    Keep up the good work and remember to apply masks while working out!

  4. Thomas Butzbach Says:

    Dear Mr. Drori,

    We are very sad to have learned about the passing of Connie O’Connell. Do you have any idea about Captain John O’Connell’s whereabouts?

    Sincerely, Thomas Butzbach

  5. shelley ventura-cohen Says:

    The more I read the more impressed I am with this remarkable Dr.Drori..Can we ever imagine a man with such an array of brilliant talents!!! I would hope one day that I could meet him…an interview on Front Page is certainly in order…His significant others must be very proud of him. If more men were as intellectually developed as he is it would be a greater world. Thanks so much for providing us a way to read his poetry…

  6. Dan Bromberg Says:

    All of you know him as Dr. Drori but to me he will always be my Uncle Yascha. He was brilliant while I was growing up and was just as brilliant when giving the eulogy at my mother’s funeral – the sister he referred to in his new poem, It Wasn’t the Wost Thing. Thank you, Uncle Yascha, for inspiring my young and impressionable years of the mutual love between a brother and sister!


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